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Experience the excitement of realising your dreams. Dreams are but visualisation of the desired result. Realisation of dreams bring joy and excitement in a family, especially, when it is a shared dream! Like, a dream to own a home! A MM Home!

The sense of accomplishment on realising one's dream, is immense. It gives maximum satisfaction and a sense of achievement! Augment your self-esteem by accomplishing your aspirations.

Enjoy peace in your environs! The tranquility in your environs definitely has a positive impact on your mood! A MM Home will provide you with this serenity - a paradise to get back to after a tiring day at work!

Our meticulous planning, systematic execution, consistent quality and adherence to the norms, have always resulted in our on-time delivery. Our customers' satisfaction is our success. We strive to make every MM Home, our customers' pride!

Our Profile

THE Ms. OF MM BUILDERS : Mr. M. Muthu and Mr. V. Manohar our partners, with their experience of 25 years in constructing residential buildings, have been a huge inspiration for our team to deliver our best, always. MM Builders has earned its goodwill through its unrelenting dedication and consistent quality in what they deliver.

Over 25 projects consisting of flats and individual villas constructed in the past five years, MM Builders is poised to scale further heights with the soul aim of providing the best to our customers.

We provide you our assistance in every step that you take towards buying a home, like, evaluating your options, choosing your home and its location and the financing options. Every project of ours is planned, implemented and supervised by our team of experienced personnel. The result, a home incomparable in its quality, durability and style!

We focus on customer satisfaction, promising you the best quality, price and service, always.


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